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Grocery Store and Market POS Solutions

We Cater to Specialty Markets and Grocers with Our Complete Point of Sale Solution. Receive Integrated Hardware, Software, Training, 24/7 Support, and Payment Processing All Catered Specifically to Your Business.

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The POS Software Features You Need to Run Your Market or Grocery Store

Easily Track Inventory, Speed Up Checkout, and Manage Grocery Vendors

Run In-Store Promotions and Create Custom Coupons to Turn Your Market's Customers Into Regulars

Group Products with Mix and Match Pricing to Drive Sales

Increase sales and move inventory by easily grouping products into enticing deals. 

Scale Integration

With integrated scanner scales, standalone scales, and deli scales, you can accelerate checkout by automatically ringing up weighed items.

EBT and Debit Capable

Expand your customer base and profits by accepting all forms of payment including EBT, debit, and credit cards — made simpler with built in contactless pay.

Hot Keys with Photos

Don't waste time memorizing PLUs for produce. Quickly navigate through photos to find the appropriate product using hot keys.

Create and Accept Coupons

DIY for grocers: Create your own coupons or use manufacturer coupons to attract new customers with exciting offers.

There's No Room For Error When Making Business Decisions

The combination of shrinkage, perishable products, thin margins, and potentially thousands of SKUs means reporting and analysis are critical. With over 55 pre-built reports and additional customizations, run reports on virtually every aspect of your business.

Easily Manage Employees and Payroll

Remove the administrative burden of manually calculating hours and let our system do the work for you. Utilize our employee time clock, set individual pay rates, and manage payroll with single-click reporting.

Unlimited Database of Items

As you test inventory and add new items, never worry about how many products our database can hold. Easily find items from the main POS screen so customers don't have to wait on the cashier during a transaction.

Carton and Case Break Inventory Counts

Does your shop sell single items out of a case, pack, or carton? Easily and automatically track break pack inventory with this feature. No more manual counts!


FAQ: Grocery and Market POS System

Here's a collection of frequently asked questions from grocery store and market owners, like you!

Do I really need a grocery point of sale system?
Absolutely. Some businesses can get by with an old-time cash register, but for groceries and markets, checkout speed and efficiency can make or break your business.
I own a butcher shop and meat market. Do you have a POS system for me?

Butcher shop and meat market POS systems are basically the same as our grocery point of sale.

The system allows users to weigh and sell meat by the pound and even track inventory on product sold by the pound.

Label printing scales make a great addition to any retailer offerings custom cut meats and cheeses.

What does a grocery POS come with?

Grocery POS systems come with a variety of specifications and peripheral devices depending on your business’ needs.

All retail POS systems come with a standard touchscreen terminal, receipt printer, and cash drawer. From there, your system can be customized to meet your needs.

Larger grocery stores with heavy volume tend to use scanner-scales to maximize checkout speed. Markets with delis or meat departments often utilize label printing scales.

I don’t have room for a scanner scale in my market, but I want to quickly ring up sales. What can I do?
We offer standalone scales that directly integrate with our grocery POS system as well as flatbed and omnidirectional barcode scanners that can scan a barcode at any angle.
How can your grocery POS software help my business?
Our grocery POS software will help you keep track of inventory stock, automate purchase orders, determine best and worst sellers, use gift cards and loyalty plans, and help you optimize employee labor.
What kind of markets/grocery stores do you serve?
Whether you are a specialty market, an independent location, a multi-unit chain, or even a meat market, we can customize a POS system with any hardware to meet your needs.