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CAP Retail POS Software Features

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Transactions Simplified

Forget about long lines forming at your register with our fast checkout. Our software is developed to keep transaction times down to a minimum.

Whether you’re scanning a barcode or using the touchscreen, transactions can be completed in a flash. 

Item and SKU Lookup

With multiple point of sale interface layouts, your cashiers or clerks can quickly use graphical buttons and customized departments to make finding a specific item simple and make sales even faster.

Age Validation

Scan driver’s licenses or IDs for items that require age verification to protect your employees and your business from fraudulent transactions. 

Mobile Checkout

Could your business benefit from bringing the sale to your customer?

With our integrated tablets and wireless scanners, walk around your store and utilize our mobility solution to drive additional sales. 

Cash Discounting

Credit cards are among the most popular way to pay for a transaction.

Our cash discounting program allows business owners to pass along the cost of accepting credit cards to their customers or offer a discount to those choosing to pay with cash.

Scale Integration

Do you sell items that are priced by weight?

With integrated scale you can expedite checkout by automatically ringing up weighed items.

Lottery Ticket Sales

Two machines for regular sales and lottery sales?

Not anymore. Our system can handle both types of transactions within a single machine.

Discounts and Sale Pricing

When you're running a promo, you shouldn’t have to put the responsibility on your employees to manually discount each item, slowing down the checkout line.

With our retail POS software, you can set promotional pricing with start and end dates, so the sale doesn’t go on any longer than you intended.

Discount percentages, a flat amount off, bulk pricing, and even time-based pricing can easily be set on any items at your business.

Need to offer a discount or price change on the fly? Our software is flexible enough to let you do just that!

Create and Accept Coupons

Our system allows you to not only accept manufacturer coupons, but also create your own to market to new customers.

Multiple Payment Options Including Contactless Payment

Faster payments mean more customers in and out of your shop.

With CAP Retail software, never lose a sale due to a system that can't accept a payment form.

Accept multiple payments from our settle screen including cash, credit card, check, debit card, account, EBT, and others.

Our built-in contactless payment technology also ensures you have the fastest, most secure, and sanitary checkout available to customers and employees alike.

Customizable Hotkeys with Photos

Memorizing and typing in PLUs is a major time suck. Quickly navigate through photos on our system to find the appropriate product using hot keys.

Customize hot key items daily, weekly or often as you like to save valuable time for employees and allow them to ring up items at the touch of a button.

Faster Checkout. Easier Transactions.

Inventory Management: Know What’s in Stock.

Mix and Match Pricing

Depending on what's in stock you may be able to increase sales and move inventory with creative mix and matched product bundles. 

With built in mix and match pricing our system makes it easy to create and sell grouped items. 

Case Break Inventory Tracking

Liquor, wine and beer shop owners know the pain of tracking cases when an item is removed.

Our case break inventory tracking feature allows you to easily track inventory by the case, bottle, or six-pack and automatically account for case breaks.

Carton-Pack Inventory Tracking

Tired of counting cigarettes and cigars? Automatically record the status of cartons, packs, and boxes when individual units sell.

Automatically Generate Purchase Orders with Reorder Thresholds

Set reorder thresholds for your inventory and once those points are hit, automatically generate and send purchase orders to your vendors.

In addition, once you receive inventory the system automatically recalculates your inventory count.

Mobile Inventory with Handheld Device

When you need to count your inventory, simply use our integrated mobile handheld device to scan your items.

Once synced back to the POS, the system will generate a discrepancy report to help you identify product counts that don't match.

Weather-Resistant Custom Barcode and Tags

Depending on your shop, you may need custom barcodes and tags printed.

Whether it's because of your items' unique shape (cigars), type (trees, jewelry stickers), or the nature of your environment (weather-resistant), POS Nation's barcode and tagging system can keep up with your business.


Being able to offer a layaway payment plan can not only help you make sales, but help you keep customers long term.

Set up and keep track of payments with minimum effort within our system, and eliminate errors with integrated customer tracking.

Unlimited Database of Items and SKUs

Whether you have a handful of items in stock, or an ever changing inventory of products, with our software, never worry about how many products our database can hold, because the answer is "as many as you need".

Manage Vendors

Manage all aspects of your business within our software, including vendors.

Know which vendors your customers purchase from most, review your POs, and even add multiple vendors with unique part numbers for any items that you sell.

Gone are the days of separate systems for inventory, purchase orders, and vendor management. With our retail point of sale software, it’s all in one place.


Run a business whose profits include revenue from rentals? Our system allows you to include rentals to make transactions faster for your customers, and simple for your employees.

Real-Time Inventory Control and Metrics

Remove “let me run to the back and see if we have that in stock” from your and your employees’ vocabulary.

With real-time metrics, know what’s available right from your system.

Have multiple locations? Instead of calling over to another store, save time by seeing everything that’s available within the POS Nation solution.

Style Matrix Inventory Control

Effortlessly organize a multitude of clothing sizes, styles, and colors to save your business countless hours of tedious database management..

This features allows you to create, view, order, and receive all combinations of your products within the same screen.

Update your cost, selling price, vendor information, and description without clicking through each individual item number, then reprint new tags with no hassle.

Pre-set and Custom Label Printing

Properly labeled items not only contribute to faster checkout, but also a more streamlined inventory. 

Whether it's oddly-shaped merchandise or a large order that needs to be labeled, we offer many options to make labeling, barcoding, and printing easier than ever!

Clock in and Out Functionality

Who still uses time cards?

Each employee will be able to track working hours and break times. Schedule your entire team weeks in advance to ensure you have proper coverage at your shop.

Remove the administrative burden of manually calculating hours and let our system do the work for you.

Payroll Deduction Reporting

Our payroll report is a payroll deduction report specifically for employee in-house charges to be deducted from payroll.

User Permissions

With job-based permissions, each employee can be assigned to a specific ‘job’ such as cashier, manager, or owner — which gives them access to only the functions and parts of the point of sale that are necessary for their position.

A cashier might only have the ability to ring up sales while a manager can process voids and discounts.

Permissions for each role can be customized and applied to multiple employees.

From Clock In to Payroll, Streamline Employee Management.

Customer Loyalty: Turn New Customers into Regulars.

Customer Tracking

Happy customers are the best customers.

With our software's built-in customer tracking, use purchasing data to provide better customer service.

Rewards and Loyalty Programs

Analyze purchase patterns among your regulars and use our built-in customer loyalty functions to create a rewards program that will keep them coming back and turn new customers into regulars.

Assign a loyalty card to each customer, so the process is fast and easy. Our software gives you the ability to create multiple levels of achievements within a loyalty plan so customers can aim for bigger rewards — which means they spend more money at your business.

Sales and Marketing

Take the trends from customer purchases and then run targeted marketing campaigns to encourage repeat business.

Promote seasonal sales and keep in touch with your customers to keep them coming back.

Minimize Shrinkage and Theft

Exception reports allow you to identify exactly which employees are giving discounts, voiding sales, or performing any unusual activity.

Cash drawer counts force employees to count the drawer at the beginning and end of each shift so any discrepancies are easily tied to a specific employee.

Enable blind counts so the employee doesn’t know how much cash is supposed to be in the drawer at any given time.

Better Credit Card Protection

Our software bakes in multi-layered security protocols to protect our merchants’ credit card data from hackers and other threats.

The application itself is “out of scope” of the PA-DSS, meaning the POS never handles credit or debit card numbers in an unencrypted state, so critical data is never stored in the database.

Card data is encrypted at the pinpad and passed directly to the processor for authorization.

Stronger Password Protection

Our retail pos software also requires robust, secure password standards to restrict access to the card processing environment to the appropriate user permission levels.

Security to Protect Your Business and Your Customers.

Reporting, Data, and Analysis.

Over 55 Pre-Built Reports

In addition to the most helpful out-of-the-box reporting, our system gives you Excel export abilities and additional customization.

Run reports on virtually every aspect of your business; know how last year's sales compared to this year's and use customer data to plan accordingly.

Scan Data Reporting

Easily export invoice data to cash in on manufacturer rebates and promotional offers.

A/R Tracking

Built-in customer account management lets you easily track B2B sales and on account charges with customizable statements including payments against individual invoices, optional late fees, and account balance aging.

Mobile Dashboards

Adding the Retail Mobile Dashboard allows you to view your business in real time, from your phone, tablet, or computer.

When you first log in, you will see the dashboard — which displays easy-to-read charts and graphs of sales data broken down by department, by the hour, or by item — to name a few.

With Mobile Dashboard, you can stay updated and be confident that it's business as usual when you’re away from the store.

1014 Reporting for Pennsylvania Beer Distributors

The state of Pennsylvania requires that beer distributors track purchase and sales of malt beverages which can often mean a large amount of time and effort for beer and liquor store owners.

Our pre-built reports include a detailed monthly 1014 (Schedule A and B).

Simply run the report with a click of a button, and easily file your require distributor reports each month. 

24/7 Visibility Into Your Business

Being a small business owner is a 24/7 job, but it's impossible to be at your store all the time.

With mobile reporting and virtual back office, you can access business reports and other critical features anytime, anywhere with an internet connection! 

Your Data in the Cloud

CAP Retail's secure cloud backup ensures you never have to worry about data loss.

This feature creates an offline sync of your most critical business data every night. This way, in case there's ever an unforeseen loss to your data, you can restore your last backup and get back to business as usual. 

Cloud Features

Software Integrations

Our software is designed with you in mind — seamlessly integrating several key features.

View Business Reports Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile Reporting

View your business reports from any device. Know what's happening at your business even when you're not there.
Run Your Monthly Inventory in Your Pajamas

Virtual Back Office

Access your back office from any computer. Track inventory, email purchase orders, and run payroll from anywhere.
Never Worry About Data Loss

Secure Cloud Backup

Offsite synchronization ensures a reliable and secure backup of your most important business data.
Seamlessly Transfer Your Current Inventory

Inventory Import

We know you've put a lot of time into fine-tuning your inventory. That's why we offer a simple way to transfer it to your new POS system.
QuickBooks + CAP Retail

Accounting Integration

Our software allows you to send sales transactions and inventory adjustments from the POS system to QuickBooks.
Your Website + CAP Retail

Website Integration

Integrate your website with your point of sale for complete inventory management.